Friday, June 6, 2008

K So Now K

Imaginatomy. I can't love this class more. Rey talks a lot and could surely go on for hours about his immense knowledge of the anatomy of EVERYTHING. But its great to learn about every facet. Form certainly follows function. We're continuing to work on our human skeletons which are starting to take shape nicely. Some progress shots:

after week 2 -

after week 3 -

after week 4 -

So while we were constructing the human skeleton bone by bone, we started to think about our creature and had to present six different silhouettes of ideas. They could be similar or along a similar theme, but I chose to do a variety. I looked at a lot of skeletons and weird animals, but I think my ideas still came out somewhat tame:

He liked the top one and the little one. I remember him telling everyone that most people like to do the typical giant-could-eat your-house-evil-looking creature. Thats the top one. But he also said very few go down the small or mundane road. The cows and rats of the universe. So thats why I threw in the little cute creature. He thought it would be cool to do something non-monsterish and stand out that way. I thought "Hell yeah." So I'm doing the lil guy. I thought it would be a mix between a frog, kangaroo, kangaroo rat, and rabbit. Jackie dubbed it the "Rangaroo." That fits.

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Alternatively you could call it the Kabbitat