Thursday, January 31, 2008

Art Center and More MOD

So, yeah I dropped off my portfolio at Art Center. I tried to put "finishing" touches on my essays (one which still probably didn't address what the prompt was getting at but whatever...) , remembered to date all of my pieces at the last minute (which half I made up since I can't remember when I did them), signed all the sheets and gave 'em the nonrefundable fiffty bucks. I was kind of relieved it was done. But I was also reeeaaallly worried. I saw a lot of other portfolios just sittin there; I mean there were about 15 or so freshly shipped packages...most with really nice personal designs on them, like a huge business card. They were all obviously goin for the same thing -- submitting it for the entry scholarships. I saw my portfolio (a huge Uhaul box) and suddenly felt I had a better chance of teaching an octopus quantum mechanics than being accepted...much less recieve a scholarship. I was a little shaken. I hope I hear soon the good/bad news. Other stuff from the past week...

I've made some goals for paintings and whatnot. Since I'm quitting my work the 16th of February, I'll have A LOT more time to focus on personal stuff. So, I made an arrangement with a teacher to help me out with some promotional pieces. I'm going to come up with a piece to show Upper Deck's art department. They make the World of Warcraft trading cards and after seeing some of the paintings on the cards, I'm pretty sure I could do better. I'll just figure out what to paint. And I'm also going to enter into an illustration contest with a money prize! Downside is, its for a creator was the founder of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard. yeah....whatever I'll take the 5 grand!

More plans for the mod, but not enough work on it. This is just a quick sketch I whipped up tonight for a different armor...a little bulkier and heavier, but not enough

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Personal Proyectos

So I've had a couple ideas for a while and haven't really fleshed them out yet. I managed to get some really nice frames from where I work (for free! they were "oops" frames) and figured they'd work great with these ideas. Problem and blessing is that frames are HUGE!! 38" by 50"! So, since I'm gonna be painting big, I wanna flesh out all the details beforehand. The pics below are the first idea roughly sketched. There'll be a boy companion to go along with it. I don't know if you can even see what I'm getting at here, but its a little symbolic. Keys in the background, a door knob, and a mischeivious young girl on a bed with her bare feet nestling grass...its supposed to be subtly provocative. The boy version will be a bit more....overt. Enjoy?

the last here is a digital rough value thumbnail with some details being rendered slowly.
Yep...I'm done


So me and a friend have this project to create a mod (modification of an existing game but still using same game engine) of Half-Life II. We create our own story, characters, environments, models, the whole shebang. Guess whos the entire art department. Yup, me! So, granted I've been lazy but after doing some sketches of military type characters, I drew out a more detailed gettup (but not finalized). And no modeling could begin without some orthographic views! Would like to tell you more about it, but its just too comlex and this is only a sample of the work we'll have to do for it. Hopefully I'll find time to get more done. Enjoy!

Back and Black

Fo shnizzle dizzle. In between work, the holidays, school, preparing for Art Center, and personal laziness, I got into a bit of a rut. So, trying to recover from a bumpy start, I'm going to make this blog a regular thing. Without further ado:

My Projects

Since like last year I've been working on this painting. It's supposed to be a painting of the myth/legend of Pandora. Why no box? Maybe you should read the original text - Hesiod's Theogony and Works and Days. No box, just a big jar called a pithos. Anyway, this is far from finished, the face looks a little pasty but I have to do someglazes and fix the lips and whatnot. I was hoping to get it done before the 25th so that I could enter into the Spectrum annual contest. But it ain't gonna happen and I don't think its good enough anyway. Oh well. Here's some progress pics...

cant put any more pictures on here so i'll make a new post to continue...