Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Some new stuff y'all

Ok, so to take abreak from painting, I decided to go back to my love of drawin'. Mmmm-mm I can taste the graphite. Anyway, I've done these studies over the past few weeks. All of them are about 8' x 12" with black and white charcoal on toned paper. Enjoy!

So, this is a study of good 'ol Leonardo...das right homies, da Vinci. Anyhoo, it was from a cartoon (no not the spongebob kind) he did back in his prime. I think this is his best rendition and amiable expression for the Virgin Mary.

This is one of two studies I did of one of my favorite widely-underrated artists - William Bouguereau. He was a French dude living in the 19th century and his work, although popular at the time, was eventually overshadowed by the up-and-coming Impressionists and the modern era of art that followed (amateurs, all of 'em). This particular study is part of a painting right here in sunny (bleh) San Diego titled "Young Sheperdess." I focused on the head portrait of the girl rather than tho whole composition.

Another Bouguereau study, but this time its of a whole painting called "Evening Mood" or whatever that is in french. I always like his balanced images - very calm, soft, wonderful combo of both hard and soft edges (uh mostly soft...), glowing paint, extremely subtle value changes...just perfection of composition, luminosity, color harmony, and figure drawing. Ok, I'm done worshiping him

And this is a product of the other studies but using a stock photo as reference. I tried to use what I learned from the other studies and make it my own with a photograph. Ken Joudrey, my instructor, likes it so I guess its good nuff.

Next post: World of Warcraft painting sketches and progress shots!

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