Saturday, June 7, 2008

Comp and Drawing Thumper

So drawing neked people in Comp and Drawing can be monotonous. I'll give you a glimpse into all the drawings I've done over these 4 weeks. Just a glimpse of all the beans, boxes, and basic shapes. I've tried to put them in chronological order and grouped according to the model.

Our weekly drawings of twenty random household objects....

And last week, we drew Thumper! Had a sheet of 13 Thumpers from the Disney masters and had to make up 17 more to make 30 total thumpers. I was the only one who drew small enough to get them all on one page.

Next up for comp and drawing are Bambi and Lady heads from Disney. And we actually might get to the "Composition" part of Composition and Drawing!


Artist Anika said...

You are really amazing at body positions. I always have a hard time with that (probably one of the reasons that I prefer portraits). I am very impressed and have saved these images for later reference in my own work (hope you do not mind)

Anonymous said...

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