Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Found Some Stuffs

So I was going through some old papers and found my mastercopies in gouache! They're small, about 3 inches wide. I know it's not original work, but all the work I've been doing lately I can't show anybody. But maybe you can appreciate my copies of some Thomas Moran, Frank Serrano, and Nathan Fowkes...

Friday, May 4, 2012

Monday, August 22, 2011

Color & Story

So now for the stuff I'm a little more proud of. All these images were done for a class called Color and Story. There were plenty of exercises to explore light and its effect on our perception of color, palette choices, contrasts of color, and mood and such.

This was a story told in three sequential panels at three different times of the day.

This image and the following three are from a semester long project that endeavored to flesh out key scenes, color scripts and characters from a given story. Our story was Howl's Moving Castle. Yes, I'm sure you've seen Miyazaki's adaptation, but we read the book! And these are a few scenes I took to paint. The first one is Howl using Calcifer to move the castle.

This is Sophie racing toward's the Witches fortress in the Waste to retrieve Lily Angorian.

And Sophie's first encounter with the Witch of the Waste!

Sophie returns Howl's heart.

My character lineup: Sophie, The Witch, Howl, and Calcifer!

Summer Landscapes

Here are some landscape paintings I did for a class called Digital Landscape. We'd start painting them in gouache on location then go back to the labs and tweak/finish 'em. I wish I put more architectural elements in these. Anyhoo...

Some Spring 2011 Work 2

I took a portraiture class with the awesome Sean Cheetham and this is some of my work out of that class. I need to rephotograph most of these oil paintings - there's some glare and the color is a little off. But you get the gist!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Some Spring 2011 Work 1

Earlier this year I tried expanding on some of the ideas I had for an adapted King Solomon's Mines. Being a bit of a dork, I set the story on an icy planet. Yeah....So, these are some more sketches of one character, Twala, and a couple of creatures inspired by the African creatures in the H. Rider Haggard novel.