Sunday, March 23, 2008

Same ol Biznis

So I got some updates on paintings. I haven't blogged for a month, so this should be packed, right? Not quite...but I got some progress shots of that pandora painting thats taken fo-eva:

This is where the painting stands today (colors may be a little off) and i think its come a long way since I first began. A lot of little details were added that hopefully gave it a second read.

And the following paintings are tiny in real life - 5" x 5". They were done for my brother in a just a few hours in acrylic. Its a good sign of me getting just a little faster...hopefully.

le fin

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Anonymous said...

GOSH DANG MIKE!!!! That Pandora painting looks soooooooooooooooo good! And can I trade you some, ah, pianoing skills for some speed-and-accurate-painting-skillz? XD haha.
Soup, please, you can't trade skills.
So kudos :D