Saturday, February 23, 2008

Beginnings and Ends

So, heres my progress on Pandora. I'm relieved to see I'm almost done. Color has always been an issue with me so I'm going to have to work that out a bit, hopefully with just some simple glazing. Theres a lot of little touches and things I have to do, but for the most part its the beginning of the end.

The Mod, on the other hand, is far from finished....
After some direction for more "bulky" armor, I sketched this:

I think I could still go bulkier, but I just don't want to go rediculous crazy immobile bulky.
And heres some more creature sketches. I was told to be less "Cloverfield" and more "alien." The body should be pretty humanoid and muscular - a perfect human body. Fast, strong, and menacing. Well, two outta three ain't bad? So since the body was more set, I focused on the head and tried for something more "not from this world" (not related to the commercialized Jesus store). Still I think I have a long way to go as far as these concepts...they're just too predictable (some still look too "earthy") and shotty (not enough thought or time spent on em).

Anyway, in other news, I got a letter for Valentine's Day a day late. It was my new lover Art Center. If you don't know already, I got accepted! I'll have to say goodbye to Palomar very soon. I'm going to start in the summer and hire David Blaine to figure out how to make 15 grand to appear outta thin air.
I love you too, Art Center

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