Sunday, August 21, 2011

Fall 2010 Work

So, I know I haven't posted much in the past year. I've been pretty busy and trying to find my way of doing things. That means a lot of stumbling. But here are some highlights (?) of the past year:

This here feller was my version of an icy Alan Quatermain from a reimagined King Solomon's Mines. It was for a class called Inventive Character. The painting started out fairly graphic...then obviously took a turn toward the rendering tendencies I have.

I didn't quite care for the paintings I did for the character class, but the drawings weren't too bad. Here is my drawing for Gagool, the sinister centuries-old witch.

This painting and the following landscape studies were done on-location, taking no more than an hour and painted smaller than how it probably appears on your monitor. They were done in gouache for a landscape painting class with Dreamworks' Kathy Altieri.

And now for some concept paintin's...

These two were done for what ultimately became a matte painting that I am, again, not very proud of. So you get to see the progress. The top one is just a simple gouache idea with slight digital touch ups while the bottom one is a more detailed digital paint over. I always feel my quick stuff has some quality that is lost when its more developed...

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Anonymous said...

It has been so long that I forgot I was following you. Inspiring work as always, I am sure you will be able to capture what you do in your quick studies in your final pieces eventually.