Friday, October 16, 2009

First post of the new semester!

Well I haven't produced much this semester so far, but here's what I've done that's somewhat interesting. All this work is from a class called Digital Life taught by Cliff Nielsen. The class is basically a life painting class with a computer and wacom tablet. It's actually purdy fun!

This is week one - a still life. I'm a little rusty and a little slow... I haven't really painted a lot with Photoshop, but have enough experience to know my way around the program. For the class we can either use Corel Painter or Adobe Photoshop. I've been sticking with photoshop the whole time so far..for better or worse.

Week 2 was another still life and I didn't get any further than the previous week!

Week 4 (I don't know where I put my files for week 3) was good to me. This here was a 10 minute pose.

This was another 10 minute pose.

A 25 minute pose. It's kinda sad that given 2.5 times the length of the previous poses, I actually accomplished less!

Week 5

Week 5 again, hour long pose.

Week 6, 10 minute warm-up.

Week 6, I believe an hour long pose.

Week 6, a 1.5 hour-long pose. Prolly my best so far


Paul Cohen said...

Very nice work, Michael. Be a pal and help me out during class jerk

Mauricio Abril said...

I remember this class being a great time. It's funny too when he does his crits. Dude, the way you painted the mannequin week 1 is really solid - literally. And I like your rabbit stuff from Animal Magic too!

Anonymous said...

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choochookachoo said...

they say that what you draw shows what you're interested in... so does that mean he likes bunnies. and chubby ladies?