Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Ay Mios Dio!

So, I've been busy and lazy. Its a week before my next term starts and I haven't got around to photographing all my work from the past term. I'm kind of disappointed with what I've done. I didn't feel there was much time to finish projects how I'd like them. I feel there were only a handful of opportunities to actually work on something I felt motivated about. But anyhoo, I'll try to post what I did with the time alotted and assignments given...

Composition and Painting!

Rembrandt mastercopy! Yeah, we later colored on top of this monochromatic study

I was actually stoked about doing mastercopies of some of my favorite artists: Wyeth, Rockwell, Goya, and Bouguereau.

Life study of someone else doing homework at Art Center. Go Brianna!

A still life we had to set up ourselves. I think I spent around 10-12 hours on this and was probably the most successful painting I did during the term.

OOOOO, one of the few models we had to paint from during an entire class period.

And thats all I've photographed from the class. I could put up my color chart or my paintings of color blocks, but I don't think anyone wants to see that crap. I wish I scanned one my final paintings in the class: It was a Klimt emulation integrating a clown we had painted in-class. Weirdest request ever, but it came out decent methinks. If anyone REALLY wants to take a look at it, it made its way into the case by room 108. Otherwise, bleh.


Mauricio Abril said...

Hey, Mike. Nice paintings!

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

how long did it take you to do that last figure painting ..with the green background