Sunday, January 20, 2008

Personal Proyectos

So I've had a couple ideas for a while and haven't really fleshed them out yet. I managed to get some really nice frames from where I work (for free! they were "oops" frames) and figured they'd work great with these ideas. Problem and blessing is that frames are HUGE!! 38" by 50"! So, since I'm gonna be painting big, I wanna flesh out all the details beforehand. The pics below are the first idea roughly sketched. There'll be a boy companion to go along with it. I don't know if you can even see what I'm getting at here, but its a little symbolic. Keys in the background, a door knob, and a mischeivious young girl on a bed with her bare feet nestling grass...its supposed to be subtly provocative. The boy version will be a bit more....overt. Enjoy?

the last here is a digital rough value thumbnail with some details being rendered slowly.
Yep...I'm done


Tahnee said...

*steals pro sketching skillz* :P

love life process said...

awesome digital sketch buddy!!! Do more!!! I think you would like it better then old school ish..